7 Tips to recover your skin after holiday party season

recover your skin after holiday party season

If the holiday party season took a toll on your complexion, you’re likely not alone. Soon after the hearty feast was devoured, boxes of presents under the Christmas tree were unwrapped, and the New Year was extravagantly welcomed, it is now high-time to get back on track and head-on deal with the post-holiday beauty slump. After days upon days of staying up late and stuffing yourself with all kinds of treats, your skin may not be quite so cheerful.

But now it’s time to get our skin care back on track. Here are the ultimate recovery plan and skin care tips to get your complexion back in shape.

1. Give yourself some good rest

The late-night slumbers and sleepless partying have undeniably taken its toll on your skin. Those dark under-eye circles and stress-related zits are happy to testify. If you want to recover your pre-holiday glow, then reward yourself some good rest through a consistent sleep schedule. This is a no-brainer, after-holiday beauty tip. A beautiful face and a healthy glow is just a matter of how well-rested your skin is. The more sleep-deprived you are the more likely stress shows up on your skin. Why not give yourself a break from all the to-dos in your planner? After all, you have the rest of the year to worry about them.

2. Let your skin breathe

Even your skin shouts for a break after all the stresses the holidays brought you last year. Post-holidays are one of those times when your skin tends to demand so much from you. Dry skin gets even drier, zits tend to flare up even more, irritations are more likely to happen and a whole lot more skin drama. One good post-holiday beauty tip for you is to stop piling up your skin with make-up. Just give it time to breathe.

Just so you know, a well-hydrated body gives you a beautiful, supple, moisturised skin!

3. Moisturise every day

You have to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. The best time to apply lotions or moisturisers is right after your shower or bath, sealing the moisture that has been absorbed by your body.

GENSEN Revitalising Moisturiser is a lightweight and luxurious moisturiser that soothes and nourishes the skin and improves skin longevity. Locking moisture and preventing evaporation from the skin. Leaving skin soft and supple.

4. Use a serum

A great skincare step for those with dry and combination skin tones, using serum gives the skin added moisture and goes deeper into the skin than a regular moisturiser – this is because the product is made with smaller molecules. It also contains anti-ageing ingredients, brightening elements and antioxidants. Apply your serum to a cleansed face and right before moisturising.

GENSEN Repair Serum penetrates deep within the layers of the skin. Hydrating and protecting the skin during the day. Restoring and rejuvenating the skin at night.

5. Take a break from the drink

Jump-start your day with a big glass of water. Hydrate all day long!
What better way to recharge than to quench your body with the necessary hydration it needs? Try a week or two – or more – with no champagne, no wine... nothing but water. And plenty of it, as it really does do wonders for your skin. Start your day drinking lots and lots of water throughout the day to keep you hydrated and your skin refreshed. If you prefer, you can warm it up a bit and add a little lemon – it's a great way to start the day and will help to rehydrate your skin from within as well as aiding digestion.

6. Clean make-up brushes

Months-old foundation, blush or eye shadow on your make-up brushes could be harboring harmful bacteria, so experts advise washing your brushes once a month. The bacteria can live on unwashed brushes for months and each time you apply your make-up you run the risk of them transferring to your skin and causing problems such as skin irritation or infection. Rinse your brushes in warm water with facial cleanser. Work it through the bristles with your fingers. Pat dry with a towel.

7. Stop aggressively cleansing

This is the number one way people mess with the balance of their skin. Over cleansing and exfoliating disrupts the natural balance of your acid mantle— a protective layer supplied by a combination of water and oil that your skin produces—which is your immune system’s first line of defense.

Stick to gentle cleansing products to gently emulsify residue and flush the pores without stripping the acid mantle. Your skin will heal much more quickly and be far less irritated if you can get away from punishing cleansers.

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