How to get smooth skin after shaving for Men

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Skincare isn't the most popular subject for most men around the world, but that’s starting to change. A growing number of men are becoming interested in taking care of their skin, especially for special occasion such as the important date! A man’s skin deserves daily care; doing so will make his skin feel and look healthier and for certain more attractive as the years go by. Of course, women absolutely notice when a man has a nice skin!

Skincare after shaving

No discussion of men’s skincare would be complete without some advice on how to get the best shave. Has shaving ever left your face dry and irritated? GENSEN’s core ingredient- onsen water will both hydrate and sooth the skin. That’s because our water is from a special onsen in Miyazaki which means it’s full of minerals and iodine.

Sun protection

For those who don't like to apply sunscreen because of the greasy feel, we recommend that you to use our lightweight GENSEN products. They absorb easily and quickly, leaving no oily residue. Daily use of a sun protection is the game-changing step to reduce the risk of early signs of skin aging and other visible changes many men commonly associate with "just getting older". We won’t even get into the issues of reducing the risk of skin cancer! Guys, you don’t have to see those changes, and daily use of a sun protection can help ensure that doesn’t happen! GENSEN’s Sun Age Control range helps reverse the damaging effects of the sun and to protect the skin against further sun damage. 

Why Men Need a Daily Skincare Routine

Keeping skin healthy-looking and smooth means you will look handsome and suave in both the short and long term! Research has shown how you look can be important for your career and dating opportunities. All of those benefits plus smoother and younger-looking skin are possible from using a simple, well formulated skincare routine. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just 2 steps- serum and moisturiser and your skin is hydrated and protected.

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The Sun Age Control set includes a 35ml Day & Night Repair Serum and 60ml Day & Night Revitalising Moisturiser for beautiful healthy skin.

With powerful protection and the ability to turn back the clock on your skin. GENSEN promises youthful more radiant skin.


The products are formulated from the natural waters of an onsen (hot spring) in the Miyazaki region known for its skin-restorative properties. The serum penetrates deep within the layers of the skin to smooth fine lines, hydrate the skin and boost the skin renewal process. The moisturiser is lightweight yet luxurious.

Both products contain new generation Plat Ceria for protection against the sun. Using advanced technology Plat Ceria takes UV-scattering cerium oxide and coats it in platinum to aid dispersal. Pat Ceria protects against UVB and UVA rays without the “ghosting” effect or greasiness of many titanium dioxide or zinc oxide-based formulae.


Sun Age Control Repair Serum and Revitalising Moisturiser are suitable for all skin types for use every day and night.

Cleanse and tone the skin then gently smooth the serum on the face, neck and décolletage. Allow the serum to fully absorb into the skin before finishing with revitalising moisturiser.