It’s easy to buy more (especially when retail therapy is so effective!). But it can get to the point where you own so much that it starts to stress you out. And that can occur without you even realising it. That’s why regularly  getting rid of things you aren’t using can be beneficial for mental health.

Why is it called spring cleaning?

In the past in Northern America and Europe, a major cleaning was done in spring because it was warm enough to open windows (but not so warm that insects would be a problem). Also there was enough wind to blow away the dust.

In Japan, they have Osoji (大掃除), literally meaning big cleaning which is usually done sometime in  late December to New Years. It derived from the custom of Susuharai (煤払い) during the Edo Era (1603 - 1863). Susuharai translates to cleaning of the soot, a practice done on 13th December whereby people would perform purification rituals to ward off any evil or disaster to welcome Toshigami (年神) or New Year Deities.

Beauty products expires and ingredients can become unstable and irritate the skin. Therefore, regularly throwing out or sanitising products is so important. People are always being told they need to add something extra to their skincare routine, and it can become overwhelming and confusing. In actuality, it’s not the number of steps, it’s just about using well-formulated products and regularly taking time to care for the skin, This just means, cleansing, using UV protection and effective skincare everyday. That’s why Gensen has an easy no-fuss 2-step system that is as simple as it is effective. The serum is a fast-acting treatment to repair the skin and the moisturiser hydrates and seals in all the goodness.