We aim to simplify your skincare routine, so here’s a quick overview.

>Clay Masks

Clay masks are great for overall clarifying and clearing out those pores! By getting rid of the gunk in your pores, they look a lot smaller. This gives your skin a smoother, more refined texture. Some have a more gritty texture boost exfoliation. If your skin is more sensitive, those may not be suitable for you. Also, clay masks are great for congested skin, which leaves you with a healthy glow.

Best for: oily, dull and acne prone skin

>Fruit Enzyme Masks

These masks use the enzymes in fruit to gently exfoliate the skin. By getting rid of that top layer of dead skin cells, your skin is left brighter and it smoothes out the appearance of fine lines. These types of masks are also quite gentle compared to other exfoliators so they are suitable for those with sensitive skin (if you have sensitive skin you can leave it on for a shorter period of time).

Best for: dull, mature and sensitive skin

>Peel-off Masks

The formulations of peel-off masks have much improved from the good old nose strips. They are now more gentle, so they don’t leave your skin feeling raw, while still clearing out the pores.

Best for: dull, congested skin

>Hydrating Masks

These are straightforward.But they are great for an added boost. When you’re tired or after going on a plane, hydrating masks instantly rejuvenates the skin making you look more awake. Masks with hyaluronic acid are especially effecting since they improve the skin’s ability to hold water (Gensen also has hyaluronic acid).

Best for: dry, dehydrated, sensitive and mature skin

>Tightening Masks

These are obviously  aimed at more mature skin. While they’re not a miracle solution, a good tightening mask hydrates and can make your skin feel firmer and plumper. Look for masks with skin-restorative ingredients as they will accelerate the cell renewal process which slows down as we age. Accelerating the cell renewal process basically means dead skin will be shed faster revealing the newer, fresher skin. Skin-restorative ingredients include collagen and antioxidants; both which are included in Gensen’s serum and moisturiser.

Best for: mature skin

There really is a mask for everyone. As with all skincare, it depends on individual products and your skin. Always conduct a patch test first (try a bit of the product on your hand and leave it for the specified period of time to see whether you have a reaction to any of the ingredients).

Masks are a great way to relax and you can really notice the difference in your skin by regularly using a face mask. We hope this short guide was helpful to you!