Have you ever heard of yuzu? It is a type of Japanese citrus fruit. Yuzu is not really an ingredient known well outside of Japan. It was brought over to Japan from China during the Nara Period (710-794). Yuzu are rarely eaten as a fruit, but it’s juice and zest are often used in Japanese cuisine. It’s flavour is both both tart and very fragrant.

But, yuzu has more uses beyond culinary! In the past the seeds were also used for medicinal purposes to treat skin irritations. Now, the seeds are sometimes used for exfoliation. Yuzu are also used in a special hot bath in winter as yuzu are fully ripened during November and December.

Yuzu baths are traditionally taken on Toji (冬至) which is the Japanese word for winter solstice- the shortest day of the year. The tradition of yuzu baths derive from the belief that taking it wards off colds and it soothes chapped winter skin. The essential oil component in yuzu- nomilin helps aid in relaxation making yuzu a perfect pair with a soothing, warm bath on a cold, winter's day. Also the organic acids in yuzu are believed to help muscle aches.


But that’s not all of yuzu’s goodness. It’s full of antioxidants which is great for cell rejuvenation. Yuzu is also rich in vitamin C. In fact, it has 3 times more vitamin C than lemons! Vitamin C helps limit the damage of UV rays as well as aiding the body’s production of collagen which is required for supple skin. Making yuzu an amazing ingredient in skincare. Yuzu extract is in both our Repair Serum and Revitaliisng Moisturiser. Try now and get the benefits of yuzu for yourself now!