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I have a sensitive skin and allergy to UV rays. I know the importance of appropriate skin care rituals and choosing the products really carefully.
My skin is supple and I don't have any troubles with my skin and feel absolutely safe to use Gensen.


I felt comfortable to try as these are renowned Japanese ingredients. GENSEN products don't give me any irritations or issues. My skin felt soft and supple like a baby's skin instantly.

My friends complimented my skin as it appeared more silky-soft, luminescent and plump than before.
I think this simplified process is essential in keeping my skin younger looking for a long time. I am loving GENSEN skincare method, it makes me very happy. So I highly recommend it to those in their 40s-60s.


I really like GENSEN because of the aromatic yuzu fragrance and mineral rich Onsen Water (Hot Spring).
The result lived up to my expectation. The texture is silky and spread well. My skin is super hydrated and smooth now.

GENSEN is amazing because it hydrates deeply and richly moisturises leaving my skin with a natural glowing look.