Japanese traditional skincare rituals

Onsen benefits for your luminous skin

Reveal a revitalised, glowing complexion for Summer time!

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GENSEN promises youthful more radiant skin. 

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Marriage of Japanese Traditional skincare rituals and new technology

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Gensen Japan

An innovative skin care company driven by traditional Japanese rituals, combined with advanced skin care technology.

Japanese secret for vitality onsen

Skin - restorative powers

Soothes irritated skin, Smoothes fine lines

Accelerates skin regeneration process

New Innovative UV care - Plat Ceria

Water-based, Natural and Effective UV care

Non-Greasy & Lightweight texture

No irritation, UVA & UVB protection

Healing water of Onsen for your luminous skin.

Enjoy the benefits of Japanses skincare rituals anywhere you are.


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Have you ever heard of yuzu? It is a type of Japanese citrus fruit. Yuzu is not really an ingredient known well outside of Japan. It was brought o...
Spread the love this Valentine’s Day: The Real Story  

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day: The Real Story  

Here at Gensen we decided what better way to share the love this Valentine’s day than to share the story of the day of love itself. Sure, we are a...
The Month of LOVE

The Month of LOVE

Love yourself, Love your time, Love him

Have you taken enough time off and showed your body enough care and love over the busy holiday season? 

A natural way of rejuvenating skincare rituals by compacting Japanese Hot spring waters along with carefully handpicked natural ingredients

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