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Gensen Japan

An innovative skin care company driven by traditional Japanese rituals, combined with advanced skin care technology.

Secrets of Gensen Japan


Healing power of ONSEN

For hundreds of years Japanese have enjoyed the relaxing and curative properties of onsen water. Now GENSEN is taking these benefits beyond Japan.

Water from a special onsen in Miyazaki in southern Japan is the core ingredient in all GENSEN products.

The water has a perfect balance of minerals and iodine and is known for its skin-restorative powers. Soothing irritated skin, smoothing fine lines and accentuating the skin regeneration process. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-infection properties.


Founder - Rena Oura

Rena Oura, GENSEN founder, created her products to help people who want to improve their aging skin by minimising exposure to UV rays, and rejuvenating their skin by using safe and effective products.

As a child,  Rena shared in her grandmother’s skincare rituals and learned the benefits of onsen water.

When Rena moved to Australia she became increasingly aware of the damaging effects of the sun. In developing the GENSEN range, Rena sought a safe and effective sun-protective ingredient that would be highly acceptable to use.


New safe and effective UV care

GENSEN products not only rejuvenate the skin but also protect the skin from further damage. 

“Plat Ceria” is a new generation ingredient created with advanced technology. Plat Ceria is the rare earth element cerium oxide (ceria) with a coating of platinum. Cerium oxide is an effective UV-scattering agent, reflecting both UVB and UVA rays. The platinum coating makes it highly dispersible and prevents oxidation.

Whereas the UV-scattering compounds titanium dioxide and zinc oxide require emulsification in oil-based agents, Plat Ceria is suitable for water gels and lightweight lotions.

The Plat Ceria in GENSEN products provides protection against UV in a non-greasy base and with no residual whitening of the skin.

Hate applying sunscreen?

Whether it’s the texture of smell that puts you off, we have the solution for you!
For all those who hate applying sunscreen! Experience the GENSEN difference now

Healing water of Onsen for your luminous skin.

Enjoy the benefits of Japanses skincare rituals anywhere you are.



Finally found my one! ALL-IN-ONE, just two-step skincare after washing my face.

Who would expect skin is protected from UV after daily skincare routine, serum & moisturizer.

I feel so safe even when I happen to miss applying sunscreen. Also, I like the watery texture and Yuzu fragrance of Gensen's product.

Miho, Tokyo

I've almost used up the first bottle of the serum and the result is so obvious that my skin really glows.

So really I do get value for my money since you don’t need a lot to apply on your skin & you don't even need to remove it or cleanse it off at all - it just absorbs so quickly with a very light touch.

Joyce, Melbourne

When I used GENSEN for the first time, my skin felt soft and supple like a baby's skin instantly.

I continued to use GENSEN for a few months and my friends complimented my skin 

as it appeared more silky-soft,
 luminescent and plump than before. I felt delighted.

Chiyoko, Sydney

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