Secrets for perfect base for your makeup

Do you notice uneven, blotchy and streaky textures in your makeup?

What products do you use for your skin care routine before applying makeup?

These problems can be caused by the type of skincare products you are using.

To create a perfect base for your makeup, using the right skincare product is the first important step. If you use products with a greasy or oily texture, it can make your foundation heavy on the skin and easily slip around, even when you use cosmetics with lasting quality.


Even using thick sunscreens before applying foundation on your face can be a cause of heavy and oily makeup. The more heavy products you apply on your face, the more likely your makeup will be left looking like a streaky mess! You certainly don't want that.


For that reason, GENSEN has the perfect products to solve these problems. GENSEN has a watery, light texture and also includes UV protection, using new Japanese technology. What's even better is that you only require 2 steps to finish your skin preparation before your makeup routine with the GENSEN serum and moisturiser. You must surely be satisfied with your makeup, lasting the whole day!

gensen perfect makeup