Self care, Skin care? How to keep your skin flawless this new year without the extra trouble.

We cannot believe it is already a new year! After a December full of cocktail dresses, work Christmas parties, friends or family trips and looming end of year projects, it is not too hard to guess a need for a release seems about due. But, no-ma’am! With the new year brings new responsibility! New plans, new projects, new work goals...Is there even time to think about what we have to think about?! 

It comes as no surprise that with a change of season and change of year, stress has begun to rise and the ever-increasing mountain of problems have begun to threaten us with problem skin. But what is a Gensen girl to do?!

At the risk of a cliché’, for us at Gensen it is all about balance this 2018.  With plans to maintain proper nutrition, downtime, sleep and skincare, making little changes in routine will help us navigate safely through the challenging waters of a new year.
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Reduction in time does not mean reduction of self-maintenance. If short on time, one must remember peak performance comes from peak competence. Efforts to include just ten minutes a day to meditate or read, listen to music or simply sit at one’s desk can provide the re-energisation you need to complete the last paper you did not think you could get done by a day’s end. Remember to invest in yourself ladies. Try incorporating a short morning exercise, a new way to eat a proper, healthy breakfast while on the move, one day a week you would go to bed earlier than usual… there is no saying how many amazing things we busy women can achieve when feeling good about ourselves.  

While all this is important and stress, sleep and nutrition do have a direct link to the health of our skin, it is crucial to remember to wrap up the day with a skincare routine. Wherever you go, there is no more direct way to create healthy, glowing skin.

It does not have to be complicated, it does not have to be long, just a quick cleanse and re-hydration of the skin with a product can be the one difference to maintaining that healthier complexion each beautiful woman deserves. Only made of a two-step process, at Gensen, this is what our handy, travel sized serum and moisturiser can do for you.

It is time to shine Gensen girl.

Valentine Love