Mother’s Day is approaching and we would like to take the time to salute all the hard working Mums out there.

In just 2 steps, Gensen hydrates and protects the skin so it is perfect for the busy mum.

For centuries, the Japanese have made going to the ONSEN (natural hot springs) part of their routines to maintain their vibrant and youthful skin. Gensen’s brings the benefit of mineral-rich onsen water in a convenient moisturiser and serum form. The particular onsen water we use is also full of iodine. So not only is it hydrating, but it also soothes and heals any dry, flaky patches that are prone to appear as the weather is getting colder.

Life can quickly become hectic once kids enter the picture- whether it be being kept up all night or ushering children from one place to another- there’s always something going on. Well-hydrated skin is the best way to hide your exhaustion (the next best solution to actually getting enough sleep, which let’s face it is something not always under our control). Gensen believes in getting maximum results with minimum effort so to give your skin that added boost, Gensen has hyaluronic acid which gives your skin that plump and ‘juicy’ appearance by improving the skin’s ability to hold water to give you. The moisturiser has squalene to shield the skin from any harsh winds which can further dry out the skin.

Did you know that UV rays still affect the skin in Autumn/Winter?

UVA rays remain constant all year round and are the primary reason for skin aging. But many don’t have time for that extra step of wearing sunscreen especially if they are not going to get burnt (UVB which causes sunburn isn’t as harsh in Winter).

But Gensen makes daily UV protection easy and effortless. With a new generation ingredient called Plat Ceria, Gensen has natural UV protectant that is equivalent to SPF30 and is also safe to sleep in (and is also safe for babies/children). So there is no need to wash it off! You can go straight to bed after a long day (after removing your makeup of course!)

Plat Ceria is the only UV protecting ingredient that is water soluble so Gensen products are comfortable to wear all day. it has a lightweight, luxurious texture that leaves no residue, making it a perfect treat for Mother's Day!


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