Spread the love this Valentine’s Day: The Real Story  

Here at Gensen we decided what better way to share the love this Valentine’s day than to share the story of the day of love itself. Sure, we are all happily familiar with the general concept of love but, how are we supposed to celebrate something of which we have no understanding? Not very well, if you ask me.

So, I am going to tell you a story. And, while I do, think to yourself, what am I doing this Valentine’s day to keep the love wheels turning in my relationships?
Yes, here at Gensen, we certainly agree that giving a gift of luxury, like our one of a kind Gensen products, is a good way to start. But while doing so, perhaps this year you can share this special story of love and find your way to continue your romance year-round in true Valentine spirit. Here we go.

The Story

Once upon a time an emperor by the name of Claudius II Gothicus, ruled the Roman Empire. Consumed with bloodlust and the promise of glory by warfare, his passion was for death and destruction.

Never satisfied by the numbers of enlisted soldiers, in a fit of impulsive rage, the emperor now coined Claudius the Cruel, cancelled all marriages and engagements in Rome. As many sought the company of love, a feat which a man with no heart could not understand, Claudius was under the belief that love was the reason men did not leave their homes to fight.

Disgusted by Claudius’s tirade, a Christian priest by the name of Valentine began to secretly marry those who still sought the warmth of love and matrimony.
st valentine

Not surprisingly, Emperor Claudius became aware of these secret ceremonies and sentenced Valentine to death. In true tragic love story fashion, Valentine fell for the daughter of his prison warden a day before his death (whom may I add was blind). And before Valentine’s (let’s not say kind) execution, he was still able to experience the throws of love with the full capacity of his heart. Legend has it, his love was so strong he made his brief soulmate, able to see again.
Naturally, the story of Valentine's self-sacrificing commitment to love became legend. His welcome to the sainthood was not long after. But, what is also interesting is the significance of February 14th. Founded on the concept of love, this day was chosen according to the ancient legend that, just as they spread their wings, lovebirds waited to mate on this day.

SO, why not make your heart fly too, this Valentine's?

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