The Month of LOVE

The second month into 2018 already! Time flies....

Have you taken enough time off and showed your body enough care and love over the busy holiday season?

February is the month of love, and what could be more important than treating yourself and your body with a bit more care this month. Here at Gensen we believe it is the perfect month for you to focus on yourself, preparing yourself for the busy year ahead.

We believe that time is precious and living in such a fast-paced world, we try our best to combine and regenerate skincare rituals that are suitable for our current lifestyle. For many years traditional Japanese skincare rituals have been passed down and modified to achieve the ultimate result of naturally glowing skin without dedicating hours on top of our current schedules.

For many centuries, Japanese hot springs have been known for having relaxing and curative properties of mineral-rich waters. Gensen Japan wishes to share these natural ways of rejuvenating skincare rituals by compacting Japanese Hot spring waters along with carefully handpicked natural ingredients like Yuzu and Soybean for individuals like you to ultimately experience the same benefits as those in Japan.

To make it even better, our products contain a UV scattering agent that reflects both UVA and UVB rays which is water soluble. This allows our products to be lightweight and watery, making Gensen one of the only brands that provide sun protection without leaving that greasy white residue on your skin.

Love yourself, Love your time, Love him.

Then you’ll love us

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