Ever have trouble with foundation sinking into fine lines or  looking like a mask no matter which brand you use?

Makeup can be tricky for mature skin. But, don’t despair, there is solution. A solid skincare routine is the base for great makeup. It not only  makes applying makeup easier to apply, but also you’ll see the difference in the end result.


4 tips for amazing makeup


You’ll see the difference instantly! Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells that sometimes causes ‘bunching up’ of foundation. Done on a regular basis, fine lines are smoothed out. Also, other products are more easily absorbed, which brings us to the next point!


A good moisturiser plumps the skin and gets rid of dry patches that appear as we get older (as skin ages, its ability to hold water decreases) which can cause the foundation to look uneven. Regularly moisturising is so important to smoothe the overall appearance and for the prevention of wrinkles. A good ingredient to look for is hyaluronic acid (which is in Gensen), which is great as it not only hydrates but improves the skin’s ability to hold water over time.


Make sure your  moisturiser fully absorbed first. Otherwise, the foundation may slip around leaving streaks on your face, because that isn’t a good look. Because Gensen’s  main ingredient is onsen (natural hot springs) water from Japan, it absorbs quickly and leaves no residue.


A more emollient formulation of foundation is more suitable for mature skin as it glides over the skin, making it easier to apply. Also, be careful of matte finishes as it can dry out the skin and gives that mask-like look.


NOTE: If you are taking photos with flash, be careful of foundations with SPF as they will reflect the like making your face lighter than the rest of your body. That isn’t a problem with Gensen, as it has Plat Ceria, a natural UV protecting ingredient that doesn’t leave you with “ghost-face”.