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The seasons are changing and the weather is cooling. With Autumn, comes cool, crisp air and cloudy skies. Ever looked outside on a cold day, saw the thick clouds and neglected to put on sunscreen? Yes, we have all been there, but our skin is going to pay the price for our laziness.

Understanding UV rays

Many people know that there are 2 types of UV rays-UVA & UVB, but what does that actually mean? Basically, UVB is what caused sunburn, but UVA has longer rays penetrating deeper into the skin damaging everything that gives the skin a youthful appearance (collagen and elastin for example). So it’s very important to protect your skin from both.

Busting myths

UV rays can’t be seen! So factors like temperature and visible light have nothing to do with UV. Even on cold, overcast days, UV rays damage the skin. In fact, some studies show that UV rays increase in intensity on partly cloudy days, through the exact reason why is unclear.

Too much sun protection causing vitamin D deficiency is untrue! Especially in the colder months. In the cooler months UVB rays which is the source of vitamin D is less intense, and gets blocked by clouds and windows. UVA rays remain constant all year round and is the main cause of skin aging. Vitamin D is in food like eggs, fatty fish (such as salmon, tuna and mackerel) and fortified milk and juice.

GENSEN’s Sun Control range protects against both UVA and UVB with the natural new generation ingredient Plat Ceria. The lightweight texture of both serum and moisturiser mean that there is no greasiness nor oily residue! The core ingredient is onsen water from Miyazaki in Southern Japan which is rich in minerals and iodine to deeply hydrate your skin. It also has an emollient called squalane which will protect your skin from harsh winds and prevent moisture loss so you will have smooth, supple skin

Skincare japanese beauty UV care anti-aging Asian gensen onsenSkincare japanese beauty UV care anti-aging Asian gensen onsen