What is ONSEN?

When we think of ‘ONSEN’ we immediately think of Japan and their home to exotic hot springs. Though the term literally translates to ‘hot spring,’ there entails a rich culture behind the Japanese onsen and not just the simple tourist idea of a hot bath.

Rather it is more focused on the rejuvenating experience at a spot of scenic beauty, overlooking the land, nature, and sea.

In Japan, onsen is a huge part of Japanese culture and lifestyle that has been practiced for many years. For Japanese people, onsen is not a regular part of life but is regarded as a complete opposite to the normal, hectic everyday life. Since ancient times, bathing in an onsen will provide an experience of 'zen' for the mind, spirit and body. In the land of the rising sun, there are over 2,300 recognised hot springs. If you were to visit one per week, it would take about over 40 years to visit them all! Now that's commitment!

Being a volcanically active country, Japanese onsen uses natural hot water from geothermally heated springs. You can think of onsen as a golden well, rich in essential minerals such as sodium, chloride, calcium and iodine. Onsen water is believed to have healing powers due to its mineral content. With its warming sensation, blood circulation is improved and there is an increase in metabolism. Onsen water can help alleviate other ailments such as healing muscle aches, pains, burns, arthritis and joint pain, gynaecological disorders, chronic skin diseases such as eczema, heat rash, and acne-prone skin. One of the major benefits of onsen in Japanese culture is aiding women to attain youthful, beautiful skin.

The skin reaps the benefits of the mineral-rich content of onsen water, helping the skin repair and replenish skin cells. Onsen water also provides the skin with moisturising effects as well as discharging impurities, hence you can enjoy beautiful, moist skin that is desired by many women.

Now, you would be lying if you said you didn’t desire ageless skin. For many years as the human population began to live longer, many people are looking into solutions to help them look and feel younger for longer.

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