Curing Dry Skin

How does Gensen cure dry skin?

-Mineral-rich onsen water with iodine which soothes and heals any dry patches

-Hydrates with water which is more effective than oil as it is more easily absorbed and hydrates the deeper layers of the skin

-Hyaluronic Acid for longer lasting hydration

-Squalene to lock in the moisture and protect the skin from drying environments


The Repair Serum will act fast to nourish and treat the skin. Follow up with the Revitalising Moisturiser to hydrate and lock in the moisture.

2 easy steps to smooth, luminous skin


It's easy to think oils and rich creams are the answer to dry skin. However, they only hydrate the surface of the skin. That's why you may still be getting dry patches.

The deluxe set contains 5mL samples of both our Revolutionary products (enough for 5 uses each)

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