>Why Your Skin Gets Dry

Essentially, dry skin is the sign of the skin’s surface becoming disrupted and steadily dismantled. Genetics, environmental damage, sun damage from accumulated unprotected sun exposure, climate influences, your health, or a combination of those factors. The type of skincare products you use can also be a cause if they contain harsh or drying ingredients that disturb skin’s surface.

Regardless, the result is that your skin can’t maintain its normal moisture level.

Your course of action?

To re-establish skin’s surface so it can stay perfectly hydrated. When you start providing your skin what it needs to remain intact and smooth, it will better be able to stay hydrated.

>How to Restore Hydration to Skin

Since the core issue of dry skin is a broken surface, the goal is to put it back together again and stop doing things that tear it apart. Drenching skin in replenishing and skin-restoring ingredients is the key to hydrating the building blocks of skin. These blocks hold skin together just like mortar holds bricks, keeping precious moisture where it’s supposed to be so skin visibly improves.

How to break the cycle of dry skin!

1) Hydrate with Water

You’re often told to use oil-based products on dry skin. However, oil only hydrates the top layer of the skin. Water is more dense, so it hydrates your skin at a deeper level to provide longer-lasting hydration. Look for products with hyaluronic acid for that extra boost in moisture as it attracts and holds on to water to keep your skin free of dryness. Gensen doesn’t use any old water, we use onsen water from Japan! It’s full of minerals and iodine to heal and hydrate dry, irritated skin.

2) UV protection, ALWAYS

It only takes one minute of unprotected sun exposure to start chipping away at your skin’s surface stability. When skin is compromised from repeated, unprotected sun exposure, it slowly but surely negatively affects its ability to hold moisture, feel smooth, not to mention the wrinkles and changes to skin tone that develop.

3) Nourish the skin

Antioxidants, skin- replenishing and restoring ingredients are all the crucial elements skin needs to reconstruct itself, hold on to water, and feel supremely smooth and radiant. More information about antioxidants and how they benefit the skin.

4) Exfoliate

By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, the skin can better concentrate on hydrating the newer skin cells. This also allows your skincare products to be better absorbed and thus more work more effectively.

6) Be aware of your environment

Constant exposure to dry environments, cold weather, or low-humidity air from heaters or air conditioners can also be problematic because they damage the skin’s protective surface. Using a humidifier at home can make a world of difference. Gensen’s moisturiser has squalene which shields your skin from such harsh conditions to lock in the moisture.